Analysis and Design of Tension Members in Hindi | Part-1

Bolted Connection in Steel structure in Hindi

Riveted joint (failure of a riveted joint),part-3,MD1

Property of lubricants // viscosity // oilness // adhesiveness // emulsification // pour point etc.

Mechanism of Lubrication | Thick film lubrication | engineering chemistry

Front & Top View (IN HINDI) Gib and Cotter Joint Assembly Drawing in HINDI-AB CLASSES,MD,

Rivet & Types

Single Riveted Lap Joint

Barriers of communication

Hexagonal nut bolt assembly drawing in hindi (Engineering drawing).

How to draw hexagonal nut (Engineering drawing). Orthographic projection |Engineering and poetry|

Types of Corrosion

Factors Affecting Corrosion in Hindi | AC-2 | Applied Chemistry 2 Lectures

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